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Freshfruit portfolio brands span the technology and media verticals. Our products serve the unique needs of the queer community and their allies while empowering this untapped market to live their best life. Our publications center the queer experience, engage our user base and readership through storytelling and commentary on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, technology, and activism, among other categories. This affords marketers the advantages of premium content-adjacency without the need for additional targeting.


Freshfruit’s queer-centered technology portfolio is unparalleled. Brands like Kiki recognize the unique experiences of the queer community and respond with tailored products and features. We make it easier for queer people to navigate the world, champion our collective progress, and prioritize discretion and safety. By aligning technology with our values and lifestyle, we foster genuine commercial engagement, benefiting all parties involved.


Freshfruit represent those who live authentically, whether they've untethered themselves from the closet or have no notions of it. Defying categorization, they write their own narrative. Therefore, our media brands take queer media a step further. Our content paints a broader picture of our stories and expects more for and of our community. Anchored in ethical journalism, our coverage spans areas like entertainment, beauty, fashion, travel, technology, business, and politics, but is delivered with greater insight, depth, and sophistication.


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