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Kiki is the leading social activity network and ticketing platform for in-person and virtual events, centering the LGBTQ+ experience.

A platform tailored to the needs of queer people, queer businesses and brands.

For Organizers

Kiki aims to empower the queer event community with technology to curate events that are in-person, or virtual, free, or paid, public, private, or invite-only. Our community can come together to plan parties, conferences, festivals, concerts, marches, and more. Unlike other ticketing platforms, Kiki allows connection, collaboration and communication that are vital to the very survival of the queer community. Whether you are a non-profit, an event planner, promoter, or event space, Kiki equips you with the tools to publicize, manage, and ticket your events, while helping you reach a wider audience.

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For Guests

Kiki provides a seamless way for individuals to buy tickets to cherished events worldwide, discover activities while traveling, and connect with friends and chosen families. Kiki also gives you the tools to make memories and plan private get-togethers, like a birthday party or anniversary, with the people that matter most.

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For Marketers

Kiki offers marketers the ability to build a presence, engage with and support the LGBTQ+ community all year round in a cookie-less and privacy-compliant environment. Brands and queer-oriented businesses can leverage an omni-channel marketing approach to more immediately connect with their customers.

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