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Media Assets

You may download the below logos for news articles related to Freshfruit’s brands: Freshfruit (company), Freshfruit magazine, and Kiki. When referring to Freshfruit, capitalize the letter “f,” although we use a lower case “f” in the graphic logo. The colored dot above the letter ‘i” in the Freshfruit logo is hex #F700C1. Freshfruit’s social media handles are @freshfruithq and @freshfruitmag.

Kiki, is always capitalized on the first letter “K.” Kiki’s social media handles are @kiki on Kiki and @kiki.freshfruit everywhere else.

About Freshfruit

Freshfruit revolutionized the queer landscape in media and marketing with game-changing brands Kiki and Freshfruit magazine. Grounded in creating better representation and fostering connections, our innovative products showcase the rich tapestry of the community, make it easier for queer people to navigate the world, and to connect the global queer population. With queer-forward solutions, we cater to the unique needs of queer folk and prioritize discretion and safety. Our premium brands meet the moment, making the LGBTQ+ experience accessible to allies and marketers alike. We aim to reorient society to recognize the community’s historical contributions as chief cultural architects and to empower queer youth to further champion our common cause. We enshrine this ambition in our tagline, "Make bitter sweet," as a metaphor to repair the historical record, symbolize the resilience of the queer community, and to perpetuate our enduring magic. Visit our website or follow @freshfruithq and @freshfruitmag on all platforms to learn more.

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About Kiki

A product of Freshfruit, Kiki is the hub of queer fun and entertainment. We are the first social activity network and the leading ticketing platform for in-person and virtual events, centering the LGBTQ+ experience. We make it easier for queer people to navigate the world, champion our collective progress, and prioritize discretion and safety. Accessible through both our website and our forthcoming app, Kiki empowers LGBTQ+ folks and their allies to discover events and purchase tickets wherever they travel. Learn more at or follow @kiki.freshfruit everywhere, except on Kiki where our handle is @kiki.

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Media Inquiries

For interviews and appearances, please make a formal request on our contact page.

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